Sean Ferry
is an award winning video director and producer in the Bay Area. He has worked for several years in corporate video, but has focused his attention towards documentary film. He is currently head of the production group Four Ones Media. He has a BA in communications from the University of Wisconsin and a postgraduate degree in Urban Journalism, from La Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín Colombia. His Thesis project "Circular Coonatra" chronicled the urban landscape of Medellín, using public transportation as its lens.

Daniel Mosquera
is an associate professor of Spanish and Latin American studies in the dept. of Modern Languages at Union College, Schenectady, NY. He does research, teaches, and has published work on popular religion, colonial Latin American studies and history. He has received research grants from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, NEH, and the Mellon Foundation. His work on popular religion explores the convergence of popular Christianity, politics and ethnic identity and cultures. More specifically, his work focuses on Mexican colonial (Nahua) indigenous communities and the afro-descendent peoples of Chocó, Colombia. In addition to the documentary he is working on a book about the social history of the afro-descendent feast of San Pacho.